Apr. 22, 2019

Houston city hall leadership ask for 5 years phasing of proposition B payments .

In the last November 2018 elections, Houstonians voted for proposition B , that raises the pay of fire fighters.
The leadership of the city of Houston has recently said, that will cost the city close to 100 million dollars annually if executed .
The city leadership has also said it will lead to the lay off, of workers including fire personnel if changes were not made .
While the city leadership is ready to work out some deals that will be win -win for all , the fire union leader continues to say that the intended 5 years phasing of the raise payments to fire fighters will only happen after certain conditions are met .
On Monday the 22nd of April , city leadership and some city workers who would be laid off held a press conference in front of city hall .
The leadership made it clear that they want fire fighters to get their raise and defend that , but beg them to consider phasing the raise payments in 5 years , considering the effects it will have on other city service providers like parks, and health[Dental].
Many city workers already got the 6o days warning of lay off because of proposition B .
The mediation asked by a Houston judge of city leadership , police and fire fighters is taking place today Monday 22nd of April while the city councilors are to vote on lay off of city workers on Wednesday 24th of April 2019 .
Those to be lay off made emotional and passionate pleas to the fire fighters to consider them as they demand immediate execution of proposition B .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba