May. 3, 2019

Venezuelans in the USA ask for respect of constitutional provisions .

Venezuelans in Houston USA came out in large numbers to ask for the upholding of the constitutional provisions of the Country in other to resolve the present conflict affecting the country .
Mr Luis Cardozo in an interview with healthndevelopment magazine , said the constitutional year for presidential elections was 2018 and president Maduro refused calling for elections .
He said when that happened the head of the parliament was to assume office and he did though the Maduro government refused to recognize him nor step aside , creating the present impasse within the country .
Other marchers sided with the position of Luis Cardozo .
It must be noted that , while the USA is also calling for the constitutional provisions be respected and working to make that happen , president Trump continues to face opposition from Russia that has shown an interest in the country .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba