May. 25, 2019

US president Donald Trump and First lady Melania Trump on a four days state visit in Japan

President Trump must feel some relief as he landed in Japan on Saturday 5/25/2019 for a four days state visit , after some challenges at home with the democratic controlled house leadership .
The Mueller report continues to raise questions that have motivated many house democrats to ask for the impeachment of the president . The infrastructure deal is not making progress.
The trade deals with China have stalled , related to the tariffs on Chinese goods which are having negative results in the USA for the short term .
In visiting Japan , Trump is at the home of his friend Prime minister Shinto Abe who has been a kind of great friend of his .
Though president Trump signed out of the Trans pacific partnership agreement that include Japan , prime minister Shinto Abe has continued to belief that , he can work out some bilateral trade deals between his country and the Trump Administration .
Japan continues to be friends with Iran and challenges the recent actions of Kim of North Korea , with the recent test of short range missiles in the beginning of the month of May 2019 .
Prime minister Shinto says , the missiles tests of North Korea is violations of UN positions .
While Shinto Abe would desire Trump to take a more antagonistic approach in dealing with North Korea , president Trump continues to belief that North Korea could return to talks and keeping it,s promises of denuclearization even after the break down of the Hanoi summit agreements .
Japan has reasons to fear , since North Korea is in close proximity to it,s lands .
The are still opportunities for both countries to make some trade and security deals , especially as Japan still has good relationship with China .
More will be seen in the days ahead of the outcome of the president Trump,s four days state visit to Japan .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba