May. 26, 2019

Naason Joaquin Garcia,s global light of the world influence .

Mayor Evoddio Velazquez honored Naason Joaquin Garcia as an honored guest to Alcapulco city .
The Chronicle has other honors given the international president and prelate of Light of the World church [Iglesia La luz Del Mundo ] as shown below ,
CHRONICLE, beautiful reality: Apostle of Jesus Christ sets first stone of the Light of the World City in El Salvador!
CHRONICLE The government in El Salvador also recognizes the labor of Apostle Naason Joaquin.
As it is obvious, Apostle Nasson Joaquin is at the center of the multi national , international church , originated from Mexico with branches in the USA and other countries .
One of the their churches in the USA is located at 4719 Canal St , Houston Texas , 77011.
On 5/26/2019 , thousands in white gathered at discovery green grounds sown town Houston to participate in an open baptism ceremony and great music and ministry in the world .
Health and development magazine editor had an opportunity to speak with members of the church on certain uniqueness about them .
They were predominantly dressed in white .Their head was given a very large chair on the plat form . Why they made Baptism a public show and the uniqueness of their ministries .
You agree with their style or not , the religious organization is making a difference .
You can read more about them on the following sites ,
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba