Jun. 1, 2019

He does not smoke and ask you to say No to Tobacco for health reasons .

Healthndevelopment staff did outreaches in certain Texas USA communities as part of the global campaign to stop tobacco consumption and it,s related Lung health issues on the 31st of May 2019 .
This gentleman above who said he does not smoke and identifies as African American on his way home from night shift work , took time off to speak on KAP [knowledge , attitudes and practice ] related to tobacco and vaping .
His attitude towards tobacco is positive . He knows what tobacco is all about ,some of the chemicals like Nicotine which make up about 7000 others found in tobacco and their negative and injurious effects on humans .
He said he knows tobacco causes respiratory problems and chest troubles .
When asked if he has any body in his family who died because of tobacco , he said yes , his grand mother passed because of lung cancer related to her excessive smoking over a long period of time .
He believes that like alcohol, tobacco smoking is a gate way to other more troublesome addictions like Cocaine and Heroin .
As habitual practice , he stays away from cigarettes and all forms of vaping .
He called for all to say no to tobacco and keep healthy .
Others who were spoken to had similar views though some are of the opinion that they use tobacco as a way to relax and stop stress .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba