Jun. 4, 2019

USA president Trump and British PM hold joint press conference in England .

President Donald Trump of the USA and out going British prime minister Theresa May held a joint press conference during the Trump state visit to the UK and responded to questions asked by press .
President Trump wants UK to exit from the European Union or what is popularly called Brexit , and do a great trade agreement with the united states after doing so .
Mrs May , in responding to a direct question related to the attacks on the mayor of London Sadiq Khan , underscored the importance of the relationship between the US and the UK going forward , a relationship that has produced millions of jobs in both countries and security .
President Trump was not bothered about the multitudes of protesters who came out to Tralfalga square to protest against his presence in the UK and policies in the United states . President Trump said he saw a very small group of protesters and large crowds of people who lined the streets of London holding British and American flags , waving at them , a sign of great welcome and goodwill to him .
It must be noted that Boris Johnson who is highly favored to take over from Mrs May , turned down a request from president Trump to meet and Mayor Sadiq Khan described the statements from president Trump that he was a loser as childish , what was expected from an 11 year old child .
PM May and president Trump were to visit Portsmouth , UK where more than one and a half million American service members were stationed during world war two[WWII].
Dr Ak wo Thompson Ntuba