Jun. 9, 2019

Ron Nirenberg , relected as mayor of San Antonio .

Honorable Ron Nirenberg , mayor of San Antonio was reelected for another two years term after defeating city council district six member , Greg Brockhouseby having 51.11% of the votes in the June 8th 2019 run off elections after non of the candidates in the first election got above 5o % of the votes cast .
Ron was two time council member of district eight before he became the first to aspire to the office of Mayor of San Antonio , desiring to replace second woman and first African American to ever be mayor of the 300 years old city ,named after St Anthony .
His father is of Askenzi Jewish descent of Russia and Poland while his mother is mixed Filipino , Malayasian , Indian and British . His Parents met in Malaysia while they were both working for the peace corps .
Ron is Methodist by faith confession and married to a migrant Hispanic family daughter , Erika Prosper , who works for HEB and chair of the San Antonio chambers of commerce .
He has one son with his wife called Jonah .
He is mayor of the second most populated city in Texas and number seven in the USA .
He was raised in Austin and went to school in Trinity university and graduated with a bachelors in communication and masters from university of Pennsylvania with a masters in communication . He met his wife while doing his master studies .
Working with the city council they approved of the Paris climate change , making his city one of those that benefit from the Blomberg grants .
He worked with the county [Bexar] leadership , the university of Texas , San Antonio medical school ,Health consulting international , and other San Another HIV/AIDS stakeholders to host the first FAST TRACT CONFERENCE to make San Antonio one of the global cities to fast tract the fight and control of Hiv/aids .
Ron was also the first mayor to host the NAACP annual conference in San Antonio in 2018 , working with former mayor Ivy Ruth Taylor .
He plans to continue to expend transportation net work in San Antonio and improve economic opportunities .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba