Jun. 12, 2019

Chevron,s Mike Coyle addressed the 2019 Down Stream energy conference .

Mr Mike Coyle , president for manufacturing Chevron spoke to thousands at the Houston convention center on the Pasadena refinery project , an acquisition of his company from Petrobras and some lessons gained over the years in Chevron related to Safety , work force development , logistics and projects development .
He used the Chevron culture or Chevron way that tells of who they are and what his company believes in .
The Chevron culture includes , high performance , productivity , excellence , integrity , diversity and inclusion . He emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion , quoting the chair man of his company who says that " diversity is mix , and inclusion is letting the mix to work " .
He said MAC [men avocating for real change] is important , making room for gender diversity and inclusion, saying that they promote competent women to be place d and promoted at all levels .
He talked about the Pasadena refinery activities , which will refine new crudes from around the USA and the contributions it will make in production as one of the other refineries owned by his company .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba