Jun. 19, 2019

Texas tribune held post 86th legislature discussions in Houston as part of state wide tour .

The Texas Tribune held a post 86th legislature policy discussions at the George Brown convention center in Houston on the 6/19/2019 as part a state wide tour of events recapturing the majority policy policy debates and what they mean for Texas largest cities and surrounding communities .
Moderated by Texas Tribune co-founder and c.e.o Mr Evans Smith , the panelist discussed policy decisions under , public education , Immigration and Health care .
Education featured top in the discussions , as the panelists said elections have consequences following the democrats picking up 12 seats at the Texas house and 2 in the senate .
They also said the electorate were tired of divisive politics of immigration, especially the boarder problems with immigrant families .
It was also said that the speaker of the Texas house was ready to tackle education as said in his victory declaration speech .
The panelists discussed immigration and health care issues after the education discussions .
The panelists included ,democrat Alvarado , republican Davis .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba