Jun. 20, 2019

Valve World Americas biannaul expo and convnetion 2019 has ended .

The valve world Americas biannual 2019 expo and conference that took place at the George Brown convention center Down down Houston has come to an end on Thursday , 20th of June 2019 .
The conference had thousands of attendees and exhibitors participate in different activities that included , plenary presentations , exhibit hall short talks , and workshops .
Mr Tim Goedeke , senior principal environmental consultant at Philips 66 , emphasized fugitive emissions foot print from valves in his welcome statement .
Valves are used in refinery , pipelines water and sewage , pharmaceutical , brewing and most companies and industries dealing with fluids including nutrition .
Fluids which are toxic in nature spill from valves , and contaminate the environment , with adverse heath effects on humans .
Fugitive emissions workshops featured great expert presentations .
In the session on Controlling fugitive emissions , Rodney Roth focused on the impact that fugitive emissions have on valves , as well as all the other potentially affected components .
Fugitive emissions is one of the most talked about issues through out the valve industry .
Some of the fora where the discussions have taken place are valve world , API , Valve World Americas, Fugitive Emissions summit .
The Environmental protection agency [EPA] is involved with making sure that regulations are in place to help with the control and safety issues related to Fugitive emissions . The Signing of the clean air act of 1990 was a pivotal mile stone for the industry .
The conference was truly a forum for learning , networking , forming partnerships and getting to know of innovations and changes in the engineering and technology of the industry .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba