Jun. 22, 2019

Unconditional love in display at Houston Pride Festival 2019 .

The Houston Lgbt community and their guests from without and out of the country are taking pride in celebrating their coming out and identity and making an affirmative statement .
The annual event called Pride Festival is taking place at Hemanne square in front of the city of Houston city hall or the mayor,s office .
Many church groups were outside the erena preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in a very peaceful manner .
Inside the arena , many thousands of participants were gathered around the pool in front of city hall with many inside the water .
At the center stage , different invited artists thrilled the crowd to great music , and dancing by certain participants .
The Lgbt merchandise were in display in the different booths as , with great lgbt colors .
Ministers from St Stephens Episcopal church were also seen in their booths giving out love messages and blessing the people. The ministers told Dr Thompson Akwo Ntuba of healthndevelopment magazine and media that God loves every one and that Romans 1 should not be used to condemn , while saying they were not setting aside the BiblIcal scriptures.
The Festival parade was to take place at 8. 00 pm Houston Time.
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba