Jun. 26, 2019

Adrinne Arsht center is hosting the first democratic presidential elections primary debates .

The democratic national committee [DNC] is having it,s first presidential elections 2020 primary debate at the Adrinne Arsht performing arts center in Miami Florida .
So far twenty four candidates are contesting for the democratic primaries to get a nominee for the party in 2021 .
The large number of participants were divided into two debate groups , one group slated for Wednesday the 26th and the other group of ten for Thursday the 27th of June 2019 all in the same venue in Florida .
Those who are to be on stage today the 26th are ; Cory Booker ,Bill De Blasio , Elizabeth Warren , Julian Castro , John Delaney , Tulsi Gabbard , Beto O'Rourke, Jay Inslee , Tim Ryan , Amy Klobucher .
It will be unlikely for fellow democrats on stage today attacking each other . One may probably hear them say , "each on that stage will be a better president than the current president Trump" .
The debate will be such that each candidate will be given sixty seconds to speak or answer questions and another thirty seconds for follow up .
The debate moderators are Lester Holt , to moderate both hours , Savannath Guthrie of Today , Chuck Todd of meet the press , Racheal Maddow , Jose Diaz -Balart of Noticia Telemundo .
On Thursday the 27th , 10 other candidates will be debating same time in same venue and they include ; Joe Bidden , Pete Buttigieg , Micheal Bennet , Erick Swalwell , Marrianne William , Andre Yang , Bernie Sanders , John Hicken Looper , Micheal Bennet , Kirsten Gillibrawn , and Kamala Harris.
Four candidates did not meet the debate conditions and will not feature in both days and they include ; Seth Moulton , Steve Bullock , Mike Gravel and Wayne Messam .
President Trump while on his way to Japan for the G20 summit 2019 , said that he was going to watch the debates while aboard air force one , though he believes that it will be very boring .
The debates start at 9 pm Eastern time and runs up to 11 pm .
The second primary debate will be at the end of July 2019 in Detroit .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba