Jul. 6, 2019

National education association holds 2019 annual delegates assembly in Houston

The George Brown convention center Houston is parked with close to 10, 000 participants , attending the 2019 National educators association annual assembly .
Participants are from all the states in the federal territory of the USA with chapters in what is known as the biggest labor union with about three million members .
The delegates are seated according to their state chapters as they deliberate on issues related to their industry, prominent which this year 2019 is "Strong public schools " .
The 2019 assembly included for the first time , what was called Strong public school presidential candidates forum .
Many of the presently contesting democratic presidential candidates including Sanders and Warren attended the political forum on the 5th of July and took questions from members of NEA on where they stand political as related to national education policies and what they intended to do to improve the quality of education , service out and successes of students in the education sector in the USA .
Many of the participants left the presidential political forum energized to play a big role in the outcome of the 2010 presidential elections in the USA .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba