Jul. 6, 2019

Theresa Michelle Dudley says " Education Justice is Social Justice" .

Ms Theresa Michelle Dudley , the president of the Prince George,s county chapter of the national education association [NEA ] spoke with Dr Akwo Thomspon Ntuba , chief editor of Healthndevelopment magazine on national education issues from a rich back ground and experience in leadership in what is known as the biggest labor union made up of three million members .
She said their main issue was equity , need for teachers to be treated with respect and dignity , compensated fairly .
One of the biggest issues in 2019 according to her is making sure that the alternate certification programs offered to career changers meet a certain standard , making sure that educators are treated fairly in the process .
Related to public education , Ms Dudley said affordable education is a right . A social justice issue , yes the social justice issue of our time .She said every child deserves quality education , safe schools , free from fear that somebody is going to come and shoot them . That the children need quality educators with experience in front of them .
She was asked about her impression if education should be considered a social determinant of health , and she responded by saying ; well the issues are all related . She regretted that America the most industralized nation in the world does not have a national health care plan for every one .She cited the preamble that supports the general welfare , which means making sure that every body is healthy .
she discussed issues related to health care delivery in schools and communities that can provide medical care for the children .
She said they were listening to the 2020 presidential candidates to find out how they feel about the issues , addressing the problem of poverty , how their children are coming to school with adverse childhood experiences that needs a lot of support .
She said a lot of their children come to school traumatized and we expect them to come and sit in class and learn without the basic needs of subsistence met .Yes, she was looking forward to what the candidates for 2020 presidential elections are saying about those issues .
Asked what she mearnt by " Education is Racial justice " ?, She said education is a social justice and racial justice issue because a lot of disparities seen in education are race based . She thinks that all we have to do is recognize that all children are American children . That education should not be for those who can afford it but for all children .That every body should have equal opportunity .
Asked what policies she thought make education unjust , she said , some laws make it inequitable . She said go to some states and the is chartered schools segregation because because the are no laws in place that says , a chartered school cannot have all of whites or blacks as the case may be .
Listen to her interview in the video version posted below .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba