Jul. 12, 2019

A "Sea of people" ministered to at the Jehovah Witness Houston 2019 international convention .

The NRG stadium in Houston Texas is host to the Jehovah witness international convention 2019 in Houston Texas, running from Friday the 7th to Sunday the 9th of June 2019 .
Many guest from all the continents where Jehovah witnesses are nationals and or residents had already arrived the city since the beginning of the week .
Close to 20 , 000 volunteers registered and have helped convert the NRG Stadium into a great worship arena .
Many of the international guests were welcomed at the airport by some of the voilunteers who drove them to their hotels and other places where they stay for the event , a true show of love .
The opening speaker on Friday spoke to the gathered crowds from the story of Joseph and his brothers . A story which really hammers home the theme of the convention , "Love ".
Joseph forgave the sins and trespasses of his brothers and loved them by providing for them in Egypt .
The communication director and other members of the communication team , answered questions from the chief editor of HealthNdevelopment magazine centered around the misunderstandings the global public and certain individuals may have about Jehovah Witnesses as a Christian body .
They said , the Jehovah witnesses used different Bible versions in place today before the New world translation was ever put together some time after the dead of Russel .
The communication director said Jehovah witness do not fit the characteristics of a cult and or sect as some have misguidedly characterized them .
He said cults or sects are a break away off a religious group or movement and they are not .That cults are closed up religious groups while the Jehovah witness is open to the public . People are invited to the ministries at the Kingdom halls and the public events like the present international convention which is open to the public .
He also said people say they are a sect because they do not celebrate Christmas which is not a Biblical command to begin with .
The communication leaders say the teachings and practice of the faith is grounded in the Biblical teachings of Christ in the Bible .

It must be noted that many people who are members of traditional churches today like the Baptists , Presbyterians , Roman Catholics first head the good news of the Kingdom presented to them by Jehovah witnesses who are use to doing street evangelism and house visitations and witnessing .
Jehovah witnesses belief in Jesus Christ as their lord and Savior though not in the immortality of the soul, as the communication director said .
Many are baptized on site during the convention .
The international convention is an opportunity for many to come and know more about Christ and the Jehovah witnesses .
Dr Akwo Thomspon Ntuba