Jul. 19, 2019

Mayoral elections in Houston for November 2019 campaigns going on .

The mayoral campaigns for Houston are already going on . In major areas in the city are seen posters carrying the names and website of the candidates .
Mayor Sylvester Turner , present mayor of Houston is asking Houston to return him to office in November .
His followers and supporters have a long list of achievements they put forward as reasons why he should be reelected . The video interview above shows an interview of a supporter who gives the successful management of Harvey disaster in the rescue and recovery phases as major reason, why Mayor Sylvester should be reelected .
It should be noted that other candidates are in the race who have reasons why they and not Turner should be the mayor After November 2019.
Healthndevelopment magazine is committed in covering all the candidates objectively . We have began with this introductory reporting of the Houston Mayoral elections come November 2019 . DR AKWO THOMPSON NTUBA