Aug. 3, 2019

USA Surgeon general sees the AVMA [American veterinary medicine association ] as partners for health

Dr Jerome Adams addressed the members of the American Veterinary medicine association on Saturday the 3rd of August 2019 at the Washington DC convention center during their 2019 annual convention .
He spoke during the Keynote slot of the annual convention from 10Am -12Pm .
He said the united states public health corp is part of the service corps .He explained to the participants the day to day activities of his office and how his previous work as a state health commissioner , working with Vet leaders adds value to his present functions .
Though he functions more as policy maker in USA public health sector , he still see patients at Walter Reeds .
He said public health emphasizes health promotion , disease prevention and research in population health .
He listed as focus the following ; better health , partnerships and one health .
He says the vets are involved with work related to Ebola , Bird flu and Tick born diseases .
Presently he is focused on control of the Opioid addiction , health safety and security . In both areas , he sees the AVMA as partners through the One health collaborative initiatives .
He asked the participants to feel free to ask for Naloxone to use to help those in over dose crisis when the need arise , saving lives in the process .
Dr akwo Thompson Ntuba