Aug. 27, 2019


In a series of key note presentations done during the general session from 9am on Tuesday the 8/27/2019 at the Hilton
Hotel down town Houston Texas , leaders of three digital partnering global companies, Halliburton , Microsoft [Azure] and
Equinor presented key notes on the type of digital partnership their companies have entered into , what their companies are
all about and how the digitalization partnership with Halliburton will lead to a win- win situation for the partners .
The belief that digitalization and technology will serve them better in four areas , 1 Use of data to improve safety , 2 Reduction
in operation cost 3 Increase recovery and discovery 4 Reduction of green house emission .
John Swerdrop Of Equinor said Data will be key to innovation in the coming years and how to share and use data is very important .
He discussed the cloud based plat form they use for data storage .
He stressed ambitious digital well planning , well defined and robust well designing through digitalization , showing the importance they
place in digitalization in their creation of what they call "Digital academy " with about 20,000 training activities done through their cloud based
platform Omnia .
Micro Soft representative, Tom Keane talked about the Azure cloud based data storing facility in which Halliburton and partners will now store data that will
be used in making decisions and improving performance .
He said micro soft is spending more than a billion dollars in security measures for the Azure data store and continue to spend on research
for protection and safety .
The decision based 365 partnership will make use of Microsoft Hologens , all of which will contribute in making Azure the world,s computer
for energy .
Aker BP leadership speaker said his company is a tech company that happens to produce oil and gas , while asking who will be the oil and gas
winning companies of the future .
He underscored maximum efficiency , and cost leadership as ways to improving how value is added .He gave important pillars for success in the future to be ,
reducing carbon footprint and improving safety through , 1 Partnerships and alliances 2 Digitalization 3 Lean operations and 4 Flexible business models .
Mr Nagaraj Svinivansan , senior vice president coordinated the section that showed the Decision space 365 innovations, including , full scale simulation , digital field solver ,data foundation and integration foundation .
You can get more information on their website at scale access simulation .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo