Dec. 25, 2019

Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the world over .

Christians the world over are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ the world over .
In the USA , millions of people took to the roads to join families in the different states to celebrate the Christmas holidays .
Most churches had a Christmas eve worship service in the night of December 24th , 2019 .
Jesus Christ continue to be historic figure in the world as founder of the Christian church or what some call the Christian religion .
In the continent of Africa , many Christians and church leaders go to church in the morning of Christmas day after families have prepared their Christmas feast meals which they eat as families and or extended families when they return from their Christmas church services .
Most Christian families exchange gifts as sign of love and the children are given gifts and toys also .
In Houston , the Super feast is held from 10am on the 24th of December in the convention center down town . Families and their children are given toys , food, clothing and other items to celebrate Christmas with .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba