Mar. 15, 2020

Grace Church , Garden Oaks Campus is open to assist with the COVID 19 preparedness and response.

Dr Akwo, Thompson visited a number of churches in the city of Houston to assess how the messages and advise sent out by city of Houston and Harris county were received and used by churches related to gathering in worship Houses on Sunday 3/15/2020 .
Many of the churches visited were closed . Some closed are South main Baptist church , Trinity Episcopal , Catholic cathedral , just to name a few .
At Grace church , Garden Oaks North Shepard , a different atmosphere reigned . The church doors were open and the more than two hundred of the close to five hundred membership fellowship was having church service as Pastor Scott had said of the Grace assembly .
The congregants showed the different sanitary stations and reported of the work they had done the previous days to prepare for a safe day of worship .
The pastor of the church spoke to Dr Akwo Thompson about what they had done , the precautions they had put in place and the Social distance practices they used . While they world usually greet and hug , this day was different , as they greeted by word of mouth mostly, and refrained from hugging .
The hand sanitizers in multiple stations were used as often as required by most .
The pastor spoke of the plans they had in place to assist the seniors and other high risk groups , and made it clear that , they were ready to do more in partnership with other faith based organizations and local government authorities in the fight and control of COVID 19 .
Dr Thompson Akwo