Mar. 23, 2020

Austin , capital of Texas is ready and out with great COVID 19 control assignments

Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba , chief of HND Magazine and media drove to Austin from Houston as part of the Covid 19 planning guidelines and support of national government media assessment and outreach work.
We first visited the department of Health in Austin where we met with city and Travis county health and emergency authorities who gladly welcomed our team and explained the extent to which the city under the leadership of it,s mayor, county judge and governor have prepared and are responding to the COVID 19 epidemic.
Some of the preparations involved keeping in touch with the center of disease control [CDC] in the USA.
Like the emergency departments in other Texas cities, the safety, and protection of their first responders is a priority.
After the explanations given as heard in the posted video, the team then moved to the Austin city hall and the capitol where they had talks with staff of the governor,s office and those of Austin city hall.
It must be noted that the staff at the Travis county office also welcome Dr
Akwo Thompson Ntuba and spoke with the chief.
Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson