Mar. 23, 2020

Asian Americans contribute protective gear and advice to the USA as part of COVID 19 control .

Mr Bin Yu , chairman of the board of the Asian chamber of commerce located at 3535 BriarPark Drive Houston Texas lead a delegation of Asian Americans to Houston city hall with many boxes of protective gear as part of their community,s immediate contribution towards the USA preparedness and Covid 19 response.
He responded to questions asked by Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson related to the COVID 19 Houston Texas and USA.
He revealed the contents in the boxes found behind him in the video posted, and does not agree with President Trump calling the Virus that causes COVID 19 , the Chinese virus.
He talked about some of the measures and strategies the USA can learn from it,s global health partner, China in controlling the spread of the virus nationally .
He talked about the measures that he and his family had put in place as part of protection from the virus.
He gave different programs that his community and Chamber is doing to help their local populations like awareness webinars.
It should be noted that the Chinese community provide bicycles, during the Easter and Houston Christmas super feast in their hundreds at the convention center for the poor and those in need
Dr Akwo Ntuab Thompson