Apr. 3, 2020

Dr Thompson Akwo Ntuba speaks with Dr Jack Christie .

Photo Credits to Hon Dr, Jack Christy.
Dr. TAN. How has your post council member's life been like?
Dr. JC. I traveled to Huwai, read ten books on varied issues of life, it Has been time to think out of the box. I continue to advise the mayor and he listens. Advice is keeping people healthy. Over 500 people have asked me about my long term plans or suggestions. No plans for tomorrow about public service.
Dr. TAN. Are you on retirement?
Dr. J C. No, I am running the clinic, I go there at least once a month, I let the three doctors there do the practice, as a chiropractic physician, I have treated over 20,000 individuals, that is about 400,000 office visits. We are in the alternative care profession, with no surgery, the body,s immune system can fight off diseases.
Dr. Tan. What is your reaction to the Corona Virus RESPONSE?
Dr. JC. It is similar to the Flu, they are treating symptoms. How do they treat these diseases, they make flu vaccines which are problems of their own.
I addressed these issues while in the city council, on why we should be preventing diseases through,
1 Nutrition 2 Exercise 3 lots of sunshine 4 Proper rest.
Stop putting chemicals in your bodies. The center for disease control, the CDC in Atlanta read about my position and came out saying “ dr Christy can eat, rest all he wants, he will still have the flu “ because we do not work on prevention.
Dr. Oz had an expert on his show who supports what I say and do. Dr. Ryan Paul says the are fear mongers talking thousands of deaths. Seasonal flu virus kills 20,000- 40,0000 a year. People will die from something. Our immune system is weak. I had a good 40 minutes chat with mayor Turner and I suggested we do not overreact to the COVID 19 pandemic. He has a lot of experts advising him, with an overabundance of caution.
96% of people in this city [Houston ] are healthy, leave them alone, let them go to the Rodeo, go socialize, go to church.
4% with symptoms should be tested and 1% of those tested may end up with the disease, 99% of whom will recover without problems. The 1% with active disease, you quarantine, you do not shut down whole systems, cities, country, and nation.

Dr. TAN. Let's talk about the city Budget.
Dr. JC. Touchy area, one where the whole country is affected by the virus.
Social media, cybersecurity, whose lives have the fear embellished. Look at major parts of the world where they are no cases. Look at 60 minutes, CBS, they said one country wanted to burst our [USA] security, one country was trying to divide Muslims among Houston. We have the largest medical center in the world, oil, and gas, space industry, biggest import, export targets.
Another CBS 60 minutes talked of the cybersecurity of certain cities were targeted and they include, Baltimore, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Houston. $ 3 Trillion in stocks destroyed. Our restaurants, hotels, shipping industry, oil, and gas. Two countries were trying to raise the prices of oil and gas. With the Texas Permian Basin, we were becoming a leader in oil production. You cut the price of oil from $40 a barrel to $20, cut down drilling, and destabilize our country. They are lots of outside interference, you cannot shut down the churches, a lot of that evidence will not come out. Destabilizatizing our relationships and economy.
Dr. TAN. You know that the mayor is considering so many things before making decisions, he listens to other community leaders and national experts and tries to balance things out. You know that, should he go a different way from the rest of the country and something happens, it will be squarely on him right?
Dr. JC. YES.