Apr. 7, 2020


Today the 4/7/2020 marks the World health organization instituted International health day with Nurses and Mid Wives in the theme of 2020.
Nurses are providing care all over the world, and they started before the birth of certain nations like the USA.
Some think the nursing profession started just a few hundreds of years ago forgetting that Jesus Christ talked about practicing physicians who were assisted by nurses and midwives.
The profession owes much to the missionary call of many continental ancients.
Nurses all over the world are celebrated today. Nurses administer drugs according to the prescription of physicians, they care for the patients at the bedside, take vital signs and today pass for doctors especially in community and public health systems like Harris's health where they do the clerking, investigation order, diagnosis, and prescription.
Yes, nurses and midwives are the new leaders in health care systems bothered about money.
They must be encouraged to continue their work with training like physician health care leaders as we celebrate them this whole of 2020.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson