Apr. 16, 2020

Rep Jackson Lee and Mayor Turner working hard , helping Houston and Texas .

The mayor gave the numbers for 4/16/2020. Three deaths were reported as of Thursday. One of the deaths of an African American, the other a Latino and the third a caucasian.
Questions were asked about reopening the city up for business to which the mayor responded to. The mayor believes that things should be returned slowly to normal with the possibility of people wearing the mask and social or physical distancing as WHO calls that as of today.
The leaders continued to advocate for more testing, results of which greatly helps with contact tracing and other medical and health advice.
The restaurant association represented by their leader made a plea for help because that sector is almost the fourth largest employer.
Hon Jackson Lee took questions from Dr. Akwo Thomopson Ntuba related to money in the stimulus that should go to help the restaurant industry and why the is so much polarization of the COVID 19 response at the congressional and federal level, which is playing out at the state and local level based on which, state, county and or city is republican and or democratic.
Hon Lee said the national governors association is working together in this phase of COVID 19 recovery to do things right. She pledged to continue fighting for the restaurant business sector at the congressional level.
Mayor Turner was asked by Dr. Thompson Akwo Ntuba, a question related to the attorney general William Barr,s defense order of the religious organizations if he did sign any order stopping churches from regular gatherings. The mayor is responding, thank the faith-based community for cooperation.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba