Apr. 17, 2020

Texas governor Abbott has announced the opening of Texas in phases

The residents of Texas finally heard from their governor following talk of opening up the cities of the united states for business following the lockdown that followed the beginning of COVID 19 cases in the USA.
President Trump had said he had the authority to open up the country when he wanted but backtracked following criticism from around the national territory.
The governors and mayors were told to make the final decision to open up their states and cities in consultation with the national guidelines and the center for disease control advice.
Governor Greg Abbot in a press conference on Friday 4/17/2020 announced that he was opening up the state of Texas in phases.
He announced that the parks will be opened on the 4/20/2020.
The retail businesses to be open starting on the 4/24/2020 on a pick and go basis.
The students in Texas who were anxious to know if they would return to finish their 2019-2020 academic were disappointed to know that their school year has come to an end.
The governor was clear that other sectors of the state will open in the days ahead when it would be ascertained that testing and safety precautions have been put in place especially in certain communities and companies.
Other local government leaders like mayors and county judges will tailor their recovery plans on the state and national guidelines, influenced by local specificities.
Dr. Akwo Ntuab Thompson