Apr. 20, 2020

Mayor Turner gives clear terms of reference to his appointed Covid 19 Recovery leader , M, Odum .

Mayor Sylvester Turner today the 4/20/2020 at 3.00 pm at the legacy room of the City hall acting as the COVID 19 daily briefing room presented his choice and appointment of former chief executive officer of Shell company and former chief recovery leader of Houston Harvey disaster, Mechanical engineer Marvin Odum as COVID 19 Relief and Recovery leader.
For close to four months, mayor Sylvester Turner has led rescue and healing efforts for COVID 19, working with a great team of leaders including public health, medical, emergency, fire, police, media, and communication partners to make Houston one of the biggest USA cities with very few COVID 19 deaths, 24 as of today the 4/20/20.
A recent report from a Rice University study concludes that the preparedness and response strategies put together by Turner and Houston COVID 19 stakeholders have saved the lives of many thousands of Houstonians and prevented the deaths of many others.
At this phase of Recovery, Turner has chosen Mr. Marvin Odum to lead the Relief and recovery efforts of Houston with clear terms of references he listed in four major categories to be expounded in a strategic plan.
1 How to start the economy of Houston, open businesses and task them to be able to test and save their employees in house.
2 Strategies to deal with resurgence if that happens, pinned on robust testing and contact tracing.
3 Protect at-risk and vulnerable communities and populations, working with members of the recovery task force he has already appointed including heads, of city hall complete communities, education, faith-based leaders with a request to identify issues related to those vulnerable communities and elaborate plans that make sure they are not left behind.
4 Preparation for the next pandemic.
Strategic plans that build on the resiliency resources and experiences of Houston from previous emergencies like Harvey. Request that the new leader works closely with Ms. Meliisa, the city of Houston chief resilience officer.
The mayor thanked Mr. Marvin Odum for and his wife for accepting the call to help their community towards full recovery from COVID 19.
In his acceptance remarks, Mr. Odum enumerated, speed of action based on robust testing and contact tracing in opening up major sectors of the economy. Inclusion, that will mobilize broad groups of stakeholders to ensure that the recovery strategic plan reflects all Houstonians including individuals who may not be able to buy a mask or see a doctor and noting that the mayor has already put up a task force which makes the beginning easy and collaboration working with county, state and federal government.
Mr. Odum gave some indices that would be used to evaluate the success of the recovery plan as he concluded.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba