Apr. 25, 2020

Dr Thompson Akwo Ntuba speaks with Dr Steve Lee .

DR. TAN. How has your post city of Houston council life been like?
DR. SL. Busy to the contrary, doing the clinic work, seeing patients and carrying
Out of my businesses, we are building hospitals.
DR TAN. Treating patients, have you had any COVID 19 cases, and if so what are your experiences?
DR SL. NO. My brother did see one case.
DR TAN. Would you have voted for the city of Houston COVID 19 response measures presently in place if You were still a member of the city council?
Dr. SL. I think it was sort of too much, they would have taken more precautions, it looks like they have overblown it.
DR TAN. Your impression with the city of Houston results so far?
DR SL. So far the are fewer cases than we suspected, the cases and situation not as bad. Even the hospital where I work, they have been just two cases of COVID 19 hospitalization.
DR TAN. What do you think about the national coordination under President Trump and his task force?
DR SL. So far, what is coming out of China, they are finding out that the is less than a 3% mortality rate.
They are doing an adequate job, but like Houston, their response was overblown. The emphasis was to be universal prevention not overreaching.
DR TAN. Trump administration is withholding the USA annual financial contributions to the world health organization, the WHO, what are your reaction and advice?
DR SL. I do not know how many times the WHO has done wrong to humanity, the first mistake to you, you cut back your funding, that is knee jerk reaction, WHO has done good to the global community but let them know we are dissatisfied, for they work for all global countries, not China alone.
DRTAN. Some are blaming Asian countries for the Corona Virus pandemic, how do you respond to them?
DR SL. Good question. Any time you have a disease problem, it will come from somewhere. Racist people saying that, they should be educated and informed. You cannot say this disease or that one belongs to this or that group, then we would be trading the same with all other people, people should be educated and informed.
Dr. TAN. How can they improve on Covid19 testing?
Dr. SL. Difficult to improve testing. Many people don't have symptoms. We cannot afford to test 300 million and above people. Protective masks to be used massively. Look at Asia, Japan, they wear masks. Preventive measures are better. The masks and self-quarantine. The masks help.

DR TAN. Houston has roughly 34 deaths, what is your response to those mortality numbers?
DR SL. It falls within the nationwide average of o.o1% of the population. That is the nature of the disease. Like Harris county that has about 4500 cases and 75 deaths.National representation.
DR TAN. Minorities are more affected, why do you think that is so?
DR. SL African Americans are genetically more prone to Asthma-like the Latino population that is genetically more prone to diabetes. Secondly, minorities are very sociable by nature. Socializing more can lead to more and faster spread. Don't socialize more among friends, neighbors, and even family, for now, so we contain the pandemic.