Apr. 28, 2020

Texas Governor anounced the end of stay at home proclamation and return to work in Texas .

The governor of the state of Texas Gregg Abbot, on Monday at 2.30 pm Texas time from the state capitol in Austin in the presence of the lieutenant governor, head of Texas health and human services, some state congress representatives and media men and women announced that the emergency order he placed in the state expires at the end of April 2020 making way for the economy of his state to return to some form of normalcy in two phases based on advice given him by teams of experts who included medical doctors, state legislators and business leaders who were members of two groups chosen to serve that purpose.
The governor said certain businesses can reopen starting the 1st of May 2020 while others will do so two weeks after following evaluation of the progress of the safety measures put in place after May first, precisely by the 18th of May.
The governor got a lot of insight from the white house to reopen America's strategic plans.
Dr. Birx, the white house Corona Virus task force coordinator appointed by vice president Pence said his plan is great.
The plan of the governor emphasizes the need to increase testing in the state and the provision of many more people to do contact tracing of persons who test positive in the future.
The governor in answer to questions about the mandate to wear masks in Houston given by Harris county Judge Lina Hildago said he encourages people to wear masks though he is not mandating them to do so.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba