May. 3, 2020

Houston police department , explains circumstances of police shooting and killing .

The head of the Houston Police department [HPD], Chief Art Aceveda held a press conference on the 29th of April 2020, to explain to the press, the circumstances under which a Houston resident by names Nicholas Travis was shot to death following the release of a video by a Houston observer who did a close to 50 seconds record of the scene and posted on youtube as seen through the link.
The chief said it was hard to watch the video posted though the 48 seconds did not capture the full fifteen minutes of events at the scene.
The victim is said to have refused to cooperate with the officers during those fifteen minutes and threatened to hurt the police The video that was posted has the voice of the observer saying, they shut him to death, was that necessary.
The chief said the officers have been placed on administrative leave while investigations are ongoing.
The wife of the deceased, Jessica Travis has said that though the husband had some issues with the law and with his health, she does not believe he was out there trying to kill anybody nor harm himself, though he had stab wounds on his body when it was taken to the funeral home.
Chief Aceveda says they have concerns that may only be resolved after the investigations are finished. He said they are looking at close to 70 body cameras to try to know the truth.
The Houston police union brought out a statement after the press conference praising the officers that read " Obviously, it is very unfortunate that the individual backed these officers into a corner, but it is clear from the totality of the circumstances that our officers followed their training, signed Joe Gamaldi].
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson