May. 10, 2020

Houston Police Officer Jason .M .Knox honored during funeral at Houston First Baptist Church

The city of Houston led by Mayor Sylvester Turner and Chief of Houston police department [HPD] Art Acevado in the presence of Lieutenant Governor of Texas held a funeral and honor rights at the first Baptist church for Police officer Jason M, Knox.
During the close to two and a half hours of funeral service as part of the Celebration of the life of police officer Jason M.knox, speakers underscored a common theme "service ".
Police Officer Jason M.Knox who died while on duty during the crash of his helicopter in the Greens point of Houston on May 2, 2020, was known as a devoted husband to wife Keira, loving father to children Cooper and Eliza and only Son of the city of Houston council member and former police officer Mike Knox.
Jason is said to have been a committed HPD officer and pilot who fully embraced his job and died doing what he loved; protecting the residents of Houston.
Chief Art Acevedo in remarks full of spiritual and faithful encouragement with occasional tears believed he died after serving and living his purpose. He asked why God would have protected him in other emergencies where Jasons,s life was at stake and did not do the same this time, answering his reflections with the will and propose of God. Chief Aceveda showed a six minutes video of Jason,s HPD recruitment interview, and in it, the commitment to serve his city and country was revealed.
Mayor Sylvester Turner in his remarks mostly thanked Jason for his service and paid tribute to his contributions in keeping the city and people safe and ended by declaring Saturday 5/09/2020 as Police Officer Jason Knox day.
Three of Jason,s friends spoke about their relationship with him as a mentor, friend. They said he was always ready to help his colleagues and they felt safe on the ground while Jason was up in the helicopter guiding them in patrol and search work. He was said to be very involved with the community and participated in the Houston parades.
In the funeral sermon, minister Gregg Matte, testified to the faith confession of Jason in Christ, as he declared that after serving God on Earth, Jason was now serving God in the heavens, flying higher like angels. The minister praises the Houston department for keeping them safe and asked the people to know that the is even a higher refuge in time of trouble and need for safety in God.
Outside of the sanctuary, Jason was honored, with flags of Texas and USA given to his family and his helmet handed to his young son who immediately tried it on.
A 21 gun shut honor salute was given Jason with helicopters flying over the grounds adding to the honor.
He is survived by his loving family, wife Keira, their children, Cooper, and Eliza. His parents, grandparents, and numerous relatives and friends.
Dr. Akwo, Thompson Ntuba