May. 13, 2020

WCC expresses shock and sadness over attacks in Afghanistan

Photo: Albin Hillert/WCC
13 May 2020

The World Council of Churches expressed deep shock and sadness over the attack on a hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan, which left at least 15 people - including two newborn babies - dead and many more injured. In a separate incident in the province of Nangarhar, a suicide bombing claimed the lives of at least 25 people and injured about 68 others, most of whom were participating in a funeral for a local police commander.

“These twin tragedies, which targeted innocent people at the most vulnerable points of life and death are heart rending. To deprive newborn babies and their mothers of their lives, and to attack people commemorating the life of a community member at his funeral are stains on our humanity” said Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca, the acting general secretary of the World Council of Churches. “The WCC deplores these acts of violence and prays for God’s strength and solace to all those affected by these brutal attacks. May all those bereaved in these tragedies experience God’s love and peace even in the midst of their grief and pain” said Sauca.

These incidents are the latest in a long trail of violence in the region, and come after the preliminary peace agreement between the United States and the Taliban in February which was hoped to bring an end to two decades of war in the region. “These attacks represent a major setback to peace efforts at a time when there were increasing signs and anticipation of an end to violent conflict in the region. Further, the current situation of a global pandemic, in which we are increasingly reminded of the fragility and sanctity of human lives each moment and a global ceasefire appeal has been made, makes these attacks all the more appalling” said Sauca.