May. 15, 2020

South American Presidents propose WHO global Covid19 technologies and commodities initiative.

The world health organization director-general Dr. Tedros announced the proposal from South America's presidents,HES C-Alvarado. Quesada and Sebastian Pinera for a common CoVID19 and related issues initiative that will benefit all continents and nations not just a few as they are found in G7, G20 and the other blocks that work for their members.
The proposal was announced during the meeting of the Director-General and his communication team and their global partners.
The sponsors of the initiative thank all other South and North American nations like Mexico, Canada, the USA, and Chile not forgetting those in Asia, Africa, and Europe.
The deliberations for the joint technologies and innovations resources will begin during the Virtual 73rd world health assembly holding in Geneva starting on the 18th of May 2020.
Other information related to the subject areas presented in the video here.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba