Jun. 3, 2020

Houston justice for George Floyd rally and marches demanded for systemic changes

The people of Houston held a call for justice rally and protest March down Town Houston on the 2nd of June 2020 in honor of George Floyd, a Houston man who was killed by police in Minneapolis Minnesota.
The more than 60,000 man crowd started at the Green at the Convention districts and walked down to the city hall premises.
At the city hall, the organizers spoke about the life of Floyd, asking that justice be served to him, his extended family, friends, and Houston.
Mayor Turner addressed the crowd, assuring the people that they will continue to improve and do public service humanely, saying that he did not own the city hall which belongs to the people.
Honorable Sheila Jackson Lee narrated her experience in Ghana and the history of Slavery, how some of her ancestors jumped into the sea and died instead of coming to the west as slaves. Jackson Lee said they were introducing a bill in congress to address police violence and the killing of blacks and other minorities.
Honorable congressman Agreen said he was angry and that changes need to take place, starting with the people voting massively for President Trump to go.
Guests speakers mostly from New York spoke of the global effects and solidarity that the Floyd death has unleashed. The quests speakers asked the protesters to continue the fight the movement has sparked until their demands have been realized.
The members of the Floyd family who were present spoke about the positive sides of their relative while asking the people to conduct themselves peacefully.
The funeral will take place in Houston on Tuesday 9th of June 2020.
Dr. Akwo Thomopson Ntuba