Jun. 4, 2020

Indian Americans chant and dance , invoking the ancestral spirits ,during Floyd Protest Marches .

The Indian American communities around the different states where protest marches for Floyd Justice, on behalf the Houston Texas man who was killed in Minneapolis by police are coming out to join the other races and people in America to say no and enough to police violence and brutalism on African Americans and other minorities like themselves.
The American Indians are always seen dancing and chanting to their ancestors and great spirit they call God in their Indian American traditional religion for help. With a history of violence to their people as a race, they easily identify with the pains of the African Americans and other minorities who are discriminated against through the machinations of systemic racism.
In their many tribes and or reservations, the Indians and their tribal chiefs like the Cherokee tribal nation, still claim ownership of the lands of the USA and constantly narrate their poor historical treatment by the Caucasian races from Europe. Presently they resist the national day called Columbus day, as they claim that, they could not have been founded or discovered in a land where they were living for too many years before Columbus ever stepped foot in America.
Their history and culture are preserved in their reservations and different museums around the USA and the world, with the most notable being the Smithsonian Indian cultural museum downtown Washington DC, close to the United States Congress.
The Indian Americans identify as a minority group also in congress and caucus with other minorities, identifying with their collective pains and trauma that makes racially inspired violence by police on predominantly black American men a global public health and safety issue.
By Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba