Jun. 10, 2020

George Perry Floyd was laid to rest at Houston Memorial Gardens after Funeral at Fountain of praise

On Tuesday 9th of June 2020, George Perry Floyd, the African American man who was killed by Minneapolis police was buried at Houston memorial gardens during a funeral service program that started at the Fountain of praise church at Hilcroft.
The church service started with an overture "The blood " sung by Donieta Webb-Thomas.
The life celebration salutation was given by Dr. Remus Wright and co-pastor wife, Pastor Mia wright, copastors of the fountain of praise
Former vice president Joe Biden spoke about racism in America through a video presentation
Other speakers were congress persons AlGreen, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Mayor Sylvester Turner.
In a Eulogy taken out of Ephesians chapter 6, starting from verse 10, Rev Al Sharpton spoke about the spiritual wickedness in high places.
After the funeral service, the body was then escorted by HPD officers to Houston Memorial garden at 2426 Cullen Boulevard where it was entombed.
Dr. Akwo Thmposn Ntuba