Jun. 20, 2020

Americans march for more Freedoms during Black American "Freedom day" or Juneteenth.

Black freedom day or liberation called Juneteenth, or emancipation day, is a holiday that started in Texas in the united states and only celebrated by certain states, commemorates the day when Union army general Gordon Granger announced in Galveston Texas that all slaves were free on the 19th of June 1865, though the Abraham Lincoln freedom proclamation had already been signed and announced two years previously in 1863.
Texas was one of the remotest of the Southern states which may have made it difficult for the news of independence to have reached it.
Though Juneteenth is considered as the end of slavery in the USA, it must be noted that two states of Delaware and Kentucky still legally practiced slavery until December 1865.
Texas is one of the only states that made the day a paid legal public holiday, that is celebrated with parades, marches, cookouts, and other activities that speak to African American history, culture, and experience. The are many artists who perform and or showcase their African American arts and entertainments in music.
The 2020 Juneteenth celebrations are unique because it takes place during the recent national protests and debates surrounding the race-related killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by police.
Huge crowds gathered around the African American Museum of history and culture for a rally and march commemorating the day and asking for Justice for Floyd and other blacks who have been discriminated against one form or another.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba