Jun. 20, 2020

Black Students matter rally march against education disparities to department of education Washingto

Educators gathered at the Freedom Plaza in front of the city hall of the district of Columbia Washington on Friday the 19th of June 2020 , the Juneteenth day to raise awareness of the disparities in education that affects black students with negative outcomes and impact .
The call was for justice and equity in education as could be gathered from the interview with Nandi Taylor who teaches 5th grade at Turner elementary with students from predominantly ward 8 under -served South East district .
Nandi said their computers and other resources were very old and need upgrade . She was asking the District of Columbia to do more for them by increasing the financial allocation , make curriculum changes that reflects the experiences of African Americans .
Elizabeth Davis of the Washington Teachers union believes the inequities related to the Brown case were still in place .
The leaders want more resources to be made available by the Mayor Bowser Muriel administration to address education inequities that affect black students .
Dr, Akwo Thompson Ntuba