Jun. 20, 2020

It’s World Refugee Day — Let’s Take Action for Children at Risk

We are all coming to terms with the fact that the pandemic is causing considerable hardship and disruption everywhere. But for 75 million children across the world, the impact of coronavirus is more overwhelming. 

Millions of children already marginalized by armed conflict, forced displacement and natural disasters are now forced to face yet another crisis that threatens to disrupt their education, expose them to more forms of violence and poses enormous risks to their safety, food security and overall health.

That’s why we need your voice, Thompson. We’re calling on world leaders to help every child facing conflict and crisis get a quality education — click here to add your name.

If nothing is done, we can expect to see countless school-aged children missing out on education, facing increased violence in their homes and being subjected to child labour, forced marriage, trafficking and exploitation.

Today there are 31 million children who have been uprooted from their homes, including over 17 million internally displaced and 12.7 million refugees. Without adequate funding for distance learning, meals, mental health and hygienic support, many of them will not be able to complete the current school year. For vulnerable children, education is life-saving!

There’s one organization at the forefront of this fight — Education Cannot Wait. They work in some of the world’s most difficult environments to help kids affected by conflict and crisis receive a safe, free and quality education. 

Let’s tell world leaders that we are counting on them to commit new funds to Education Cannot Wait to expand its vital work. Join 116,827 Global Citizens — add your voice to help the millions of children at risk to stay in school.