Jun. 21, 2020

President holds Tulsa 2020 Campaign , ignoring Corona virus mass gathering warnings .

President Trump , commander in chief of the USA army and head of state of the North American nation held his Saturday 20th June presidential campaign in Tulsa Oklahoma in the Bok center , going contrary to the World health organization and the USA Corona virus experts including Anthony Fauci MD who continue to warn against mass gatherings in the face of surges in the Virus spread , especially after the recent protests in the country following the death of George Floyd who was killed in Minneapolis Minnesota by police .
The Arena was not full and the over flow crowd the Trump campaign was expecting never gathered most likely because , the people are concerned about contracting Corona virus in large crowds.
President Trump in his speech took credit for the DACA supreme court decision that stops him from going forward with deportations , while he accused democratic nominee , former president Obama administration vice president Joe Biden as a puppet in the hands of China who voted for the Iraq war .
Dr Akwo Thompson Ntuba