Jun. 24, 2020

Park authorities in Washington DC USA,push back on protesters in black lives matter plaza

Following the George Floyd killing and mass protests and rallies in the national territory for change s in policing and redress to USA racism, many protesters have put up tents in the black lives matter plaza close to the 1600 Pennsylvania residence or the white House.
The protesters have brought down some statues of historic figures associated with slavery and racism.
Their recent attempts are to bring down the Jackson statue in Lafayette park close to the while house.
President Trump is threatening to sign an executive order to reinforce the position of the law that allows those who destroy federal properties like statues to be arrested and given up to ten years of prison sentences.
The park police are working with the secret service and other federal authorities to control the parks and have closed Lafayette park from the public and protesters, though they say they respect the first amendment rights of the protesters.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba