Jun. 26, 2020

Murderous "USA COVID 19 POLITICS OF VACCINES AND TESTING" of poor, children&Expatriates .

President Donald Trump continues to ask that COVID 19 testing in the USA be reduced for low numbers while mayor Sylvester Turner Defends him that he says "he is joining". Yes, Jokes is now the preparedness and response of politician governor Abbot Gregg and his friends as many more poor and minorities die because of the relationship between Covid19 and poverty in minority communities related to disparities as Dr. Peter Hotez of the Texas medical center preaches.
Dr. Peterr Hotez in some of his many national interviews has condemned American professors who are against the multi-billion vaccine industry as former Houston council member Dr. Christie corroborates.
Dr. Hotez believes that professor Anthony Fauci may be wrong as related to when the USA will develop or have Coviid 19 vaccines developed from abroad.
Mayor Sylvester Turner in the many briefings in Houston has decried the political nature of the operations and directives from the capitol in Austin.
While President Trump has suspended the political pandemic briefings, CDC continues to inform the USA with mixed findings.
Following professor Peter Hotez, COVID 19 is related to poverty which is predominantly found in African American, Latinx, Asian communities, lack robust testing which is a murder plot by those who say testing should be reduced.
Governor Abbot Gregg has now realized that experts in the global health pandemic know more than he and Trump.
Going back to do that which he was already warned against, when he followed his republican colleague Trump to prematurely open Texas and Houston and undermine the work experts have done in Houston for close to five months is lack of leadership or better still, political decisions for the death of more poor minorities children and expatriates.
The recent request by President Trump for the Trump judges in the Supreme court to do away with the affordable health care act confirmed that certain people are careless if all minorities die from COVID 19 and related issues without health insurance.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson