Jun. 27, 2020

Professor Peter Hotez contest White House National COVID19 testing reductions .

Professor Peter Hotez, dean of the USA National tropical medicine Institute at Baylor University Houston has addressed the present increases in COVID 19 morbidity and mortality in Houston, Harris County, Texas, and the USA after the opening up of the state of Texas by Republican governor Gregg Abbot.
He has made it clear, that increased hospitalizations and more deaths that put the numbers in Houston in multiple hundreds are parallel to science-based evidence on the ground not what President Trump and others are saying and requesting to decrease testing.
He responded to questions as to why he rubbishes the position of the medical leaders of the president Trump task force on COVID19 Vaccines.
Professor Hotez who is one of the leaders at Rice University Bakker's institute of policy made it clear that poverty is related to COVID 19 and should be factored in the response.
He was speaking virtually during the City of Houston 6/27/2020 COVID19 briefing at the legacy room of the city hall.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson