Jun. 27, 2020

Houston pride 2020 celebrations different from previous years though rights affirmed .

The Houston LGBT community could not hold a pride festival this Saturday 6/27/2020 like seen here last year of 2019 because of the COVID19 issues related to big crowds and gatherings.
This day was to be different because the leaders and organizers of the Pride festival and parade were planning a bigger parade from the convention district to city hall grounds.
The virtual activities this 2020 highlighted the LGBT issues like liberty and equality not only in marriage and families, housing, health issues like HIV/aids, mental health, stigma, and discrimination.
The leadership decided not to do the festival gathering and parade because of love for themselves and the community, because Coronavirus prevention does not require the many thousands that always come out for their annual event.
The LGBT community includes all races and political parties like republican members.
They require local, regional, and federal leadership to respect their rights and provide equal opportunities to their needs.
The minority members also face more problems because of their skin color like black and brown which is making them say LGBT lives matter.
They also frown at believers and ministers of the gospel who use scriptures in the old and New Testament [Romans] to say they will go to hell because of their sexual orientation and practices.
It should be noted that many Christian denominations have embraced and accepted gay marriages and membership in their fellowships.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba