Jul. 3, 2020

Africa postpones CHAN 2020 and AFCON 2021 ,the major soccer large gatherings because of COVID-19.

The two major soccer competitions in Africa that bring together large gatherings of global fans from all Fifa continents to watch African national teams compete in their continent has been postponed because of COVID19.
CHAN and AFCON were to be played in the African nation of Cameroon, in 2020 and 2021 respectively though now postponed with the CHAN for January 2021 and AFCON, for January 2022 in the same country.
The decision was announced on the 30th of June 2020 after the executive committee of the African football federation CAF, decided in concert with the host of both games.
Cameroon is ready with some of the best soccer infrastructures now available in the continent of Africa to host it,s neighbors and counterparts from other African countries.
CAF had sent it,s medical team to Cameroon to assess the Coronavirus pandemic situation to make sure that things were in keeping with the world health organization COVID-19 requirements, the global health body headed for the first time by an African from Ethiopia, De Tedros.
The decisions also allow the host nation to improve on other infrastructures like hotels and roads.
Africa is a host of 54 countries, some of which have the fastest growing economies in the world today.
Many Africans have made it great in the world soccer stage with names like Roger Miller whose burst is in Wax in Madam Taussaurd in England.
Sports hold great opportunities for African youths and a great future in team sports.
Dr. Akwo Thompson Ntuba