Jul. 4, 2020

July 4th 1776 :the independence declaration America signed with France for UK defeat

July 4th is celebrated in America or the USA as independence or freedom day though many question the events pre and post the enactment of that day as independence day.
Why will a people or new nation start a war with another sovereign crown without first declaring themselves independent?
The thirteen colonies who were predominantly in the present East Coast of the USA were paying taxes to the British crown without representation in the British parliament and saw that as unjust and suppression of their rights and liberties by the monarch, King George from whose Dominion they had fled in the mayflower ship.
To get rid of the authority of the British monarch over the thirteen colonies, the leaders decided to engage in what is called the Revolutionary War or the War of Independence that started in 1775. The British army defeated the American patriots on many fronts as the war was fought in the Northeast states of today from New York to Boston, Pennsylvania, and New Jessy.
America under Washington, got a secret pact from France to help her defeat the British empire. The French got involved in the revolutionary war and jointly began to deal great blows to the UK army. The French wanting to secure the determination of the patriot forces to fight to the end against a better trained and resourced British army, asked that the leadership of the Colonies officially put down and declare independence in what is today called "The declaration of independence " as can be seen in the hands of the statue of liberty found in the New York. The declaration of independence was drafted and signed in Philadelphia under the leadership of Washington commander of the American forces against the United Kingdom or British empire.
After the declaration of independence, the British kept fighting, going down to North Carolina, and to Sarvana Georgia.
With the help of France, America was able to defeat the British empire and the truce to end the war was made in Paris France because of the help of France.
France gave the Statue of Liberty in New York which reminds Americans of the price paid to secure her independence and liberty and a symbol for the rally of others to fight for their liberty and freedom as new arrivals and or migrants to the USA.
Women look to theirs, mother liberty bearing the torch of liberty and the declaration of independence in her hand and decided to take matters for that same liberty of theirs in their own hands and won.
Frederick Douglass asked America what July 4th meant to the black man and the civil rights movements and it,s successes starting with the NAACP in the late 18th century have answered his questions.
July 4th is Freedom day though many are asking for freedoms from racist police.
July 4th is Freedom day though president Trump contest what senator Crux calls Obama DACA amnesty to Hispanic immigrant children brought in by their parents while he gives a blind eye to the amnesty of Republican President Reagan.
July 4th is independence day but many are not independent of the oppression of those who came to America like others.
July 4th, 2020 is celebrated at a time when the leader of Congress Pelosi has said president Trump has run away from the war with COVID19.
July 4th is to be celebrated as a day for all people in America irrespective of their status, but we are getting others motivated by politics to divide the country into those who will build walls of war, separating families and keeping others out and those who love America and wish it well.
When immigrants run to immigrants whose heads are carved in stone in Rushmore to preach hate and division, then mother liberty bleeds blood and may break the tablet of the American declaration of independence in her hand.
Yes, let us celebrate those who shed their blood from France to help the colonies win independence not those whose ancestors killed many millions of Jews in Germany.
Let those who know and love America separate the true America from the fabricated America of President Trump.
America was great before president Trump was born and that greatness is celebrated with parades, barbecues, fireworks, family and friend reunions in the spirit of healthy interdependence and mutual cooperation, for America owes so many like France a great debt for the liberty and freedom of all those who come to these lands the Indians claim ownership of.
At a time when the Statue of Columbus is being taken down, America still looks back with pride, not in it,s mistakes but in the liberty given to all and the tearing down of the Berlin Wall, and the fight of Trump,s German ancestors bent on destroying America in the world wars.
Let us join forces with great and well-meaning Americans to celebrate America for the is much to be celebrated not hate.
America celebrates, America Arise, America soars like the Eagle.