Jul. 8, 2020


Mayor Sylvester Turner and his heads of city government department related to the preparedness and Response to COVID 19 has asked the Texas republican party leadership to strongly consider holding a virtual state political convention as having close to six thousand delegates in the George Brown convention center downtown Houston will put the health and safety of certain people at risk.
In deciding to breach the contract with the convenors of the indoor political event that is slated for July 16th through 18th, the mayor has referred to other organizers of big events like the Rodeo, CeraWeek, OTC, World petroleum congress who canceled events which were to take place this year 2020 in Houston for the sake of the public health and safety of Houstonians.
The mayor also said the Texas medical association that is one of the sponsors of the GOP Houston convention, an association made of many thousand members have withdrawn their sponsorship and asked the party in Texas not to put the health of the people at risk by going Virtual.
The police, workers of the convention center, cleaners of the hotel rooms that were to host delegates will be at risk the mayor advised.
The city of Houston decided to stop the convention by withdrawing the use of the Houston Convention center.
The state of Houston Coivid 19 mortality and morbidity was also given. The city has added just one more death from COVID 19 as of 7/8/2020 with more than close to 240 new positive test results.
The Hispanic or Latino community is now predominantly affected as part of the minority group in Houston and the community was encouraged to go for more testing irrespective of their immigration status. They were assured that their test results and information will not work against them.
The lone death announced today the 7/8/2020 happens to be from the Latino community.
Houston is now a COVID 19 hot spot after great work and outcomes that the city Covid19 team had done and experienced from the beginning of early February under the leadership of Mayor Turner was undermined.
The fire and police department continues to have their staff test positive and in quarantine and or isolation.
The city and Harris county are doing all in their capacity to flatten the curve and are asking for solidarity and cooperation from all including the Texas republicans.
The mayor addressed questions which have been asked too many times before by the Texas republicans, why the large Floyd marches and protests could happen in Houston but not the GOP convention, by saying that, one is an indoor event that requires other people who staff the event to be put at risk while the Floyd marches were outdoor with people taking responsibility for themselves. The mayor asked the GOP to do an outdoor event if they so chose.
DR Akwo Thompson Ntuba