Jul. 12, 2020


The East Side of Houston was packed with cars and Motorcycles having both the USA and Mexico flags in front of the Foodarama close to S Chavez high school at 4805 Galveston road Houston, demanding justice for Venessa Guillen, the young Houston female Latino soldier who was declared missing at Fort hood base Texas and found dead and buried by her accused killer.
Her dismembered body was recently found in a shallow grave, probably buried there by the accused, a deceased black male in his twenties who goes by the name of Robinson, who shot himself to death when investigators made contact with him with a possible charge of the missing and death of Vannesa Guillen.
Late Robinson,s girlfriend who goes by the name of Aquilla and now in custody has revealed that she assisted Mr. Robinson in the burial of the remains of Venessa, who had been killed by Robinson using a hammer.
The march in Washington by Venessa,s family and friends asking for congressional investigations and justice for Venessa has prompted the USA military to commit to an independent investigation into the death of Venessa.
The leadership in the base where Venesa was stationed before her disappearance is refuting reports and complaints of sexual harassment by Venessa,s superiors, claims her family and friends corroborate, though saying she feared to report the harassment she told them were going on because of repercussions on her.
The are cries for justice for Venessa and demand for the base to be shut down from her family and friends.
Houstonians continue to demand justice for Venessa Guillen through peaceful protests with marches downtown Houston and the recent motor cars and bikes on Saturday the 7/11/2020.
Dr. AKo Thompson Ntuba