Jul. 16, 2020

New York Governor Cuomo gives COVID 19 tests resources and advice to Houston Texas .

New York Governor Cuomo has given test resources to the state of Texas in the city of Houston to help fight the present resurgence of COVID 19 infected and affected.
He received thanks from the mayor of the city of Houston Sylvester Turner, who received the resources on behalf of his city.
The resources are being used in the opening of two new test centers in Houston.
During the briefing of 7/16/2020 which took place in Albany New York with provisions for media call in, the governor spoke about the successes and challenges of New York state in preparedness and response to COVOD 19.
New York still has pockets of spikes which he would not call hot spots though many of the new cases to him are imported from other states and cities by travelers going in and out. Out of town visitors remain a problem to his state since one infected person from outside can infect twelve others in the state who would infect others.
Those who are coming into New York state and those going out are now tracked so they would be advised to quarantine and people are cooperating.
New regulations have also been set in place for bars and restaurants to ensure compliance.
New York opened up eight weeks ago in phase manner and expected the number of positive cases to rise but that never happened, instead, the numbers continued going down.
The Governor shared the strategies that worked including robust testing, risk communication, community engagement, mobilization, and cooperation.
Asked about people in New York advocating for the federal government to use taxpayers money on undocumented illegal immigrants during COVID19, the governor shared his views, acknowledging that it was more of a national problem that requires the federal government to solve through congress, helping poor Americans and others who may need help during the pandemic. He advised the democratic house leadership to act, working with the Republican administration.
School resumption as long term plan for August 2020 was needed for the 2020-2021 academic year, though actions should be on a day to day basis according to the realities on the ground the governor opined.
The question of absentee ballots and delayed results of primaries in New York state was addressed and how it may all play out in the November 2020 elections.
Dr, Akwo Thompson Ntuba