Jul. 17, 2020


COVID 19 has exposed the failures of global bodies and nations to bring about sustainable solutions to their national issues as revealed by most international speakers at the just ended biannual international aids conference.
The relationship between COVID 19 and poverty is now seen in the USA as most of the minority communities affected are infected with poverty-related to systemic racism and exploitation.
Nations show off at the united nations, giving out borrowed money, while their people are dying in rats infested cities, counties, and states. No, poverty means nothing to them as long as they exploit human rights cheap labor in China and share the profits among their rich groups as occupy the USA reveals. The relationship between Covid19, a health and wealth issue is related to poverty though many millions careless if the poor have health insurance or not, as long as the wealth is given them through tax breaks on the back of the poor. The poor are out under frostbiting cold and heat killing weather building their houses, working in their fruit and vegetable farms, sweeping their streets, and cleaning the feces of the old in their nursing homes for minimum wages that cannot afford them to have insurance for the sicknesses they get from doing the jobs that the rich do not want to do. They do all in their power to manipulate the same poor to go to city halls as their so-called servant representatives, though when they reach there, they become lords who speak and give instructions to the same poor who they begged for votes. The leaders at the aids 2020 regretted that Poverty even in developed countries is working against the COVID19 global campaign.
COVID 19 has shown that many women are being abused while at home by their spouses just like some men during the lockdowns and the need for gender equality not only in the health care field but also at home.
Climate changes are taking place as the experts showed and continue to study, with positive gains because of less production and consumption.
Cities and their leaders are battling with some of the issues related to COVID 19 that is playing out in their constituency, as they communicate risk, engage and mobilize community leaders and stakeholders towards sustainable solutions for COVID 19.
Many leaders motivated by politics are running away from the policies of responsible consumption and production and wondering why they are not seeing a decrease in the health and wellness issues related to COVID19.
COVID 19 has led millions to lose their jobs, and the poor will continue to find it hard to find decent work and contribute to economic development, because the rich are now conserving the wealth and money, and most of the jobs like entertainment, hotel cleaning which many poor people did for their consumption live styles are gone as aids 2020 speakers revealed.
Affordable and clean energy may be a problem because money is diverted from energy sector investments especially in clean energy to other sectors affected by COVID 19, and many energy sector workers laid off.
Life underwater and on land is also affected as the poor lack the money to get in stray animals for pets, feed them, besides their veterinary hospital bills, so too the problems of wet markets which provide sustenance for the poor.
Clean water and sanitation are now more difficult to provide as the poor may not be able to afford their utility bills because they are out of work.
Inequality must be reduced, government checks cannot be given to certain people while those who do the work and pay the taxes are discriminated against because they are from Mexico and South America. Inequities drive poor health in countries without peace mechanisms ins place, lack of justice, and strong institutions founded on equality.
Industry, innovation, and infrastructural changes are required founded on partnerships that cut across the board, not political divisions of the nation based on racism, classism, and wealth.
COVID 19 remains an equal opportunity syndrome, a health and development pandemic that calls all sectors into cooperation.
Quality education happens only under environments with equity and justice as their motor. The differences in education outcomes and performances are related to zip codes. Education remains one of the socio-economic determinants of health. It is not going back to school in August but what type of schools are they returning to? Schools are zoned to discriminate against minorities and other races for the most part. Poor funding of public schools is because the rich can afford private education for their kids
The poor clean the schools, wash after others in those schools and may lack health insurance in most cases. Do we want the children to go transmit the virus to the poor cleaners and security workers at school?
COVID 19 has called the nations of the world to rethink their development goals and strategies if they will continue to sustain their wishes.
Dr. Akwo Ntuba Thompson